Pregnant Women Often Stress, Meditation Can Be an Option to Overcome It

Stress felt during pregnancy is considered normal. This is caused by hormonal changes. One option that can be done by pregnant women (pregnant women) to overcome them is routine meditation. Meditation is the practice of focusing on breathing and thinking. Meditation can be done anytime and anywhere, even when eating. In addition to calming, this activity is also beneficial to increase endurance, improve heart health, and maintain blood pressure. Various Benefits of Meditation for Pregnancy There are various benefits of meditation that can be obtained by pregnant women. Research shows that meditation can help pregnant women manage emotions while reducing anxiety and depression. The benefits of meditation through yoga are also known to relieve stress, so that pregnant women can feel calmer in their pregnancy. In addition, meditation can make pregnant women sleep more soundly so that the body becomes fresher. Adequate sleep is also useful for reducing the symptoms of morning sickne
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